Our Guarantee To You!

We pride ourselves to make sure our customers are #1!
Here's how...
  • Low Unbeatable Prices - We understand the reason you look online...you want good deals!
We run our entire business as best we can so we can pass the savings on to you. Go ahead and check on other sites ;)

    If you find an advertised price lower than ours we will be happy to match it!


    • Safe And Secure - A lot of people are still very hesitant to purchase anything online because of non legit companies or unsafe practices.
    Read below for our policies and safe practices!

      - We have and never will show your information to any other company. We are not in business to sell your information.

      - Credit card fraud protection: We have multiple credit card fraud prevention services, provided by our online merchant processors. This will ensure that orders made from our website are not fraudulent. When you submit credit card information to complete a purchase or verify data, we always send that credit card number in an encrypted format (SSL).

      - ALL of our checkout processes will be encrypted (SSL) to protect you from fraudulent activity.


      • Customer Service Is A PRIORITY - Communication is #1! Our customer service team is our most valuable asset. Without them we are just a faceless company.

      Our customer service team keeps our customers happy! Also, you can ALWAYS expect a conformation email immediately after placing an order. Then an email with your tracking link as soon as your order ships.

      We don't keep you waiting for anything. You will always know what is going on with your item and when it happens!


      • Volume Discounts - If you are looking to buy a large quantity of a single item or multiple items, please contact us at via our contact us page!
      We may be able to offer some special pricing for larger volume purchases!


        • Payment Options - We proudly offer a secure checkout with credit cards of your choice!

        We understand the importance of your information being protected, that is why we encrypt (SSL) all checkout processes to protect you from ANY fraudulent activity!


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